I once wrote a rather large blog containing my autobiography called “Musings Of An Old Man”.  I’ve since taken it down to make a fresh start of it.

This is that fresh start.

This is open to anyone and everyone interested in Eastern North Carolina life in the fifties and sixties on a small farm.  I lived in a community aptly named Small.  Not much imagination was put into that, I suppose.  I have since learned that a man whose last name was Small is where the name came from.

If you find my grammar or English usage in general a horror to read, please overlook.  I’m writing it like I think it.  That was much the way we said things back then.  Double negatives, mispronunciation of words were all a part of the smart, but largely uneducated people of the area at the time.  There were schools, but the culture of the people overrode the “learning” of the day.

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  1. Dale Allen says:

    Looking forward to reading this blog.

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