Surety of Salvation

I remember many years ago as a young teen hearing God speak to me. It was about that time He started calling me to salvation. He also told me I was called to the ministry of an evangelist. I’m primarily wanting to share something on the call of salvation.

It took three years for God to get me to answer to my need for salvation. I was scared stiff of getting outside of the box I was in. I feared people. I feared what they would say or think. I feared this feeling of conviction. Conviction finally won out.

At sixteen during a week-long revival in a country Baptist church I gave in. I had about torn the rail off the back of the pew in front of me many times, but I had to let go. When I took my first step towards the front to make my confession of need by faith I only remember the first step. I must have floated the rest of the way. I don’t remember anything between the first step and then standing in front of the evangelist. I felt such a freedom wash over me. My soul was saved and my spirit was now alive. I remember it well even though I’m seventy-two now.

After the service when we got home, I remember standing in the kitchen with my mom. She was making popcorn. She turned to me and said she was proud of me. You see, she was a preacher’s kid (PK). My dad said little about it. That Sunday all of those of likewise persuasion along with me were baptized in the water at Cayton’s Landing. near home.

God had a lot of work to do on me from that night forward. I know all too well, because when I went to bed that evening I got on my knees on my pillow looking out my window at the stars. I asked God to come now, tonight even. Why? Because I said I knew the walk I was to take wasn’t easy and if He didn’t come that night I wasn’t going to make it.

Many things fell in front of me from that time forward that stalled my calling and my walk. There was a young woman, The military. After that I married a different woman and we started a life. About five years into that marriage our lives started to change. By that time we had two sons.

Then at the age of twentysix God renewed His persuasion upon my life to answer Him. Without knowing I was suffering from depression, I still heard God and starting searching for answers. I thought I knew what was complete. I knew nothing compared to now. God was merciful to me.

Finally renewing my need for God I made a fresh start and was once again baptized with the woman I was married to at the time and a symbol of oneness, I suppose. God gifted me with the baptism of the Holy Spirit with evidence of tongues. I then began an earnest endeavor to follow Him in all my ways. His refining fire was hot on me for several years. I was a hard one to deal with. I did not really break until I was fifty six.

When I hit fifty-six I broke. I lost my marriage, my church, myself. I suffered with anxiety attacks, and was diagnosed with severe depression. I won’t go into detail, suffice to say I met the woman that brought me back from the edge. Those were dark days. But God knew my heart and still loved me.

My new wife and I married a few years into our relationship, but everyone that met us during the premarriage time thought we were already married. That’s how much we loved each other and it showed. After about the third year from when we met we decided we needed to go to church. There is too much to tell here. Safe to say my wife and I got married in the first church we attended and got our lives on track. The second church my wife truly fell in love with God. Then God moved us to yet another church were we now attend.

Both of us are now ordained in our church and by the state. At this time I began to attend school again and became a certified Chaplain with a side study in suicide awareness and prevention. Then came the book that God had promised me for decades and it is now published by Trilogy Publishing.

What I really want to get into for a few words is that during these latter years I have become more keenly aware of salvation in my life. My studies have shown me that I am truly and solidly saved unto God by His grace and mercy. He has shown me things on the other side of the veil that I never knew before now. All of those of us called according to His purpose have things to do in the unseen realm and I am so thankful He has shown me that. Loss of my body will not be my death. I shall not see death. I will pass through the veil from this life to the next life eternal and not miss a step.

You don’t have to sit in wonder as to whether you’re saved or not. Pray (converse) with God and then LISTEN. He will tell you what you need to know. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not sure, because when He does speak He’s not going to condemn you, but He will tell you what you need to do to solidfy your calling and election as a surety. You will no longer doubt. Then walk in that victorious knowledge that comes with knowing and you can conquer this world now and carry that experience with you into the next life.

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An Appointment

All things aside, once you reach a certain age, and you will, you will consider where you’re going after you shed your shell. Death is not the loss of the body. It is the loss of your soul. Only acceptance of the gift God gave us will prevent that death.

I would like to say much about this, but I’m constrained for the time. I’ve been given insight to the life beyond the veil. I think we all need to seek what is going on there. The battle that we see here is waged there and this training ground here prepares us for that time to come. Prepare yourselves.

I have to speak boldly because many don’t like talking about it. He gave His Son so that you may escape that death. God is indeed a loving God. For those of you that understand, let it be known you have an appointment. You will keep it. You will not reschedule for your convenience.

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The definition of sin as I have learned it is anything that derails or is contrary to the principles of God. God’s principles are perfect without fault. Sin is dastardly, yet simply nothing more than the act against those principles that causes negative reactions.

The most basic way to understand sin is that it is any thought, attitude or action contrary to God’s will and his perfect character of love. It includes the breaking of any of his commandments (1John 3:4, Romans 7:12 – 13, James 2:10 – 11, etc.), whether in “the letter” (their narrow interpretation based on what is written) or in their spiritual intent.

The principles of God are immutable. They cannot change or it would violate the highest order of an unchanging Father. He does not change. Remember that. We as men however do change. We were born into the sin of the first Adam. That is why we must be born again.

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“I Have Known You” – God

Your eyes saw my unformed body; all my days were written in Your book and ordained for me before one of them came to be. Psalm 139:16

In the original, the word “unformed” means He saw us in our embryonic state while still in the womb. Even more than that He know us before the foundation.

According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love: Eph. 1:4

God has known us before time in eternity. I’m still trying to fathom the depths of an eternal God. It is impossible to grasp “eternity”. With us working in a finite realm we know nothing if anything about the past before our birth and know little of what is to be other than the promises of God.

I’m certain most of us consider what has been and may be at some point in time. Then in eternity what does time have to do with anything? That is the crux of the matter. We should try to meditate on what eternity has to show us in every way possible.

For one thing, with God operating from an infinite realm to His people in a finite realm which demands meditation. For Him to say He knew us before the formation of the world is an easy statement because everything is reality to Him is His realm. Of couse He knows perfectly well how the finite realm works. When He makes statements to His own of knowing us before the foundation of the world is a “wow” moment to us.

All my life I have thought of this example for comparison. Space. The realm beyond the atmosphere of this earth I speak of. It is never-ending. It never stops. It is a continuing realm with no end. . .ever. But take a moment and think if there was an end to space, what is on the other side of the end of space? We can place a quantity on an area and time to it, but it’s useless. There is even talk of parallel universes. Grasping the ideas and conceptions of space are mind-boggling. This is how God is preceived by at least myself and I’m sure others somewhere in this world.

With this in mind, it puts things in perspective for me how God knew you and me before the foundation of the world. Even “before” is a time word. But looking at this from God’s vantage point I see no reason why He should not have known me before He formed the world.

So to sum it up. He knows you. He knows your frame. He made you with purpose. You were not a mistake. Seek Him and He will show you your purpose.

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Soul Searching

Good day to all of you seeking to find a closer relationship with God.

God has become more of the up front priority as I’ve gotten older. Every day has shown me the frailties of the human body. It is only for us to exist in the world. I don’t think less of the temple I live in. I simply recognize it will go to the grave or the furnace for cremation someday sooner than I want.

Love God and all that He is. He birthed us from above when we came to Him and admitted to him our sinful state and was cleansed through the blood of Jesus. Our name that was already written in the Book of Life was sealed when Jesus died on that cross. Now that I reconize this fact I have no further to look than to His grace and mercy for allowing me entrance into the Kingdom of our Lord.

The solidification of my faith has begun to take place. Like concrete, when it’s first poured, is liquid in form and as it dries it hardens. Probably little known to some, concrete further hardens with time. I’m sure it reaches a certain point it stops that process, but it takes time to cure.

I’m at the place where I have cured in my walk with God, yet every day I feel more solid than the day before. I search my soul daily to see what the status is by communicating with Him and telling Him I love Him and I am His.

Stop today, right now, and think on your relationship with Him. If you cannot hear His voice, it is time to stop and reprioritize you life and seek Him first.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.Matt 6:33

He will reveal untold things about yourself and give you a path to follow in life like you have never imagined.

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Book of Enoch

Of all books to delve into I have decided I would take a dive into the Book of Enoch. It was declared not worthy to be kept together with what is described as the Holy inspired Word of God. So far from my studies I’ve found that the Book of Revelation and the Epistle of Jude were near being excluded as well, because these two books of the Bible reference the Book of Enoch. Jesus is said to have quoted the Book of Enoch as well. So, what is the curiosity that I have for this study?

Enoch was a man of God and walk so closely with Him that God took him directly into the heavens.

And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him. – Gen 5:24

I have wondered for a long time about what is there to do in the immortal life after we shed this mortal body? It’s certainly not streets of gold, harps and wings. There is a whole tapestry of things going on in the after-life. Much of what is preached is aimed towards a less than rewarding knowledge of what we are being groomed for as God’s sons and daughters. The freewill part of us is the crux of it I believe. As we put on the Mind of Christ we lose all that we desire and replace it with all that God desires.

There are many questions answered in these studies. I am not basing my whole belief on what is said in just the Book of Enoch. I am also studying the works of a theologian named Michael Heiser. His books concerning the invisible realm are quite an eye-opener. These two studies have given me a topic with not just one, but two subjects that interlock with one another. It’s as thou I have a witness of one for the other.

I may or may not pursue this in writing what I find in this blog. Time will tell. What I will say is that what I’m seeing further solidifies my faith in God as to His purpose and reason for salvation. I’m reminded that this time in this mortal flesh is equated to being in military basic training. I was in that setting for eight weeks. By the time I finished I had lost my individual identity for that of the group. My part was to watch my brother’in-arms back. I was trained to forsake myself for the good of everyone else. I love God and His purpose and desire to be a part of what He is doing. All that I am and all that I do are being directed to this end.

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I know. I’ve been absent for a while. My mind has been quiet. I get up every morning and tell God I love Him and He responds likewise. We talk during the day and He assures me all is well and to just follow Him.

I’ve been driving a school bus. Two runs daily. One for a middle school and the other is an elementary school run. I love my elementary kids. I keep an eye on them. I noticed one in particular that appeared sad. The first time I asked her if she was alright she replied she was tired. That’s not the response most little kids with come back with. I asked her why. She replied she had not felt well. The next day she still looked sad. I asked again and she said she was not sleeping well. Then the third day she said she was tired because her dog kept her awake and she was tired.

I inquired about her. A teacher said she knew her and that she had a lazy eye. I had not noticed because she always looked down. So the next time I asked her to look at me and it was true. I know how she feels since I have been dealing with a crossed eye. She likely needs to see an eye doctor, but I also noticed she needs to see a dentist for braces. It was then it dawned on me she likely has a lack of self-esteem. Buck teeth and a crossed eye can be hurtful. No other kids seem to really have interaction with her. I asked the teacher to look into what could be done for her as well as speaking to the SRO (Student Resource Officer) from the Sheriff’s Department. The latter is someone that is at every school for rapid response for situations requiring elevated instances.

I want this young girl’s problems to be addressed. As a Christian it is my calling to see she is given an opportunity to grow her self-esteem and conquer her sadness. If you as an individual and Christian (or not) should become involved with lifting up someone else from their issues to realize their worth.

My absence from blogging has to cease so I may write about life. My relationship with God is good. Someone of you that reads this needs to know sadness and defeat are not your portion in life. I saw a statement today that applies here.

Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.

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Check Yourself First

Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates? 6But I trust that ye shall know that we are not reprobates. 7Now I pray to God that ye do no evil; not that we should appear approved, but that ye should do that which is honest, though we be as reprobates. 8For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth. 9For we are glad, when we are weak, and ye are strong: and this also we wish, even your perfection. – II Cor 13:5-9

Of late it has become imperative that my awareness of church people should be noted. I spent thirty

years under a ministry that wasn’t perfect (matured). Many times I would drive by the sheep shed (the building) I called home and think to myself why I am meeting there with the church (the people). There were so many contrary members there.

During my years there an elder and I sat one day talking about church people that had come and gone. We estimated that at the time of that conversation some six hundred people had passed through the doorway of our sheep shed. Now mind you the average number in the congregation was around 150 members.

Why so many, you ask? Something I found in the over-arching reason was that most came thinking they would get their ears full of knowledge without responsibility or action upon what they heard. Once they found out the church is actually a working, moving organism, not an organization they would move on once they found they were actually suppose to act upon their calling or supposed calling.

Secondly they would walk on was because they could not break themselves away from their old ways of thinking. I, myself, spent months before I came to this church researching the new and fascinating paradymn shift I encountered. All I had ever learned needed a revamping and reprioritizing. Lots of what I had learned before had to be discarded even. This shift didn’t occur overnight.

Then there was the undercurrent of discord that flowed from the people that didn’t agree. They spoke to undermine the integrity of the ministry that was there and was actually thriving in moving forward. Once I had settled my reprioritization and huge paradymn shift I wanted for all people to get the fresh understanding of what the Bible was really trying to teach the masses.

I’m not into inventing doctrine. I find that understanding the truth takes some real digging into scripture. Westernization of scripture is one of the leading causes of misunderstanding scripture. My first endeavor was to study the culture of that day. The culture of that time is definitely needed to properly interpret scripture. Then some words need to be defined on a more refined scale. Much of the English language is not able to properly translate the original text. It can literally take hours to properly interpret scripture in some instances. Well, that was before computers and the internet, so that is the reason for that statement. The internet has shortened the process considerably.

In those thirty years I witnessed men that still thought is okay to beat their wives. Some mishandled money by kiting checks or embezzling from the church. We had two prominent members that were homosexual. One was dismissed and the other dismissed himself. I even stumble myself and had to be corrected. I was guilty of mishandling a counseling situation that resulted in being threatened by a member. I saw ministry that thought they should be placed into positions they didn’t have right to assume and left. I actually know of a deacon that lost control of his mental state and left. I saw members that would “lay hands” on women that were praying at the altar. The person was physically escorted out of the building. I’ve heard vularities from the mouths of men that had come to lead music in a service. Folks. People are not perfect. Remember my definition of “perfect” is one that is fully matured. This doesn’t mean we don’t fall down. It means we do fall down, but we get up. Maturity comes with age whether spiritual or physical.

People in church are somewhere between their spiritual birth and their summation of life at the end. That said you must understand that all these people are working on issues they have in their lives that can cause another to stumble. What we must understand is that is we see them stumble we are to help them recover. We are responsible for their success in part because they are our kinsman. We are not to condemn them and cast them out without sincerely counseling them and helping them as they allow. They are not outcasts until they have repeatedly and without remorse continue to lay or fall down from their vices. Then they are release to the evil one for their own sin. The evil one will devour them or at most antagonize them relentlessly. This may be the only way to get them to reconcile themselves with God and come back to the fold.

If that happens it is our responsibility to welcome them back as did the Prodical that welcomed back his son that had squandered his inheritance in the world. We should mourn those that refuse discipline and correction. If we are guilty of going against God’s desires then we need to take stock of ourselves first.

Of late I have watched people walk away from my present church because they were hurt by another. This needs to stop. NOW! We should look at where we’ve come from first. If we would I’m sure we would stop offending others. That offence we create in others will cause our own salvation to be damaged.

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Be God’s Vessel in the Earth

I take stock of life in general daily. After stopping a moment to tell God that I love Him just for who He is, I look at things around me.

I got up this morning as usual to go out and take my kiddos to school in the middle and elementary age groups. As I traveled out I found myself robotically making my stops and counting the number of students that get on. It was good to see them. I have to say I’m blessed with a good group of a little over 40 total students in the morning. I will have somewhere closer to 60 in the afternoon. Their lives are precious yet I see the ways of this world forming and controlling them and that makes me sad. This is why I drive. I speak into their lives as I am allowed about how to behave and treat others.

Even with the above notation of my morning I am also talking with God all along the route. He and I had a good conversation this morning. I’m coming to realize He has softened the harsh reality of my mortality. Being seventy-two means I haven’t no way as many years ahead of me as I’ve had behind me. He has introduced me to something this past week that has given me insight into what goes on in the infinite. I’m still trying to wrap my thoughts around that. However it has created a greater understanding of what I have to look forward to when I cross through the veil from this body. It seems like I’m prepping for the hereafter. It gives me to wondering when that will be. To me it would seem like I should get my affairs in order, but God kind of rebuked me. He speaks of more time for me and to not dwell on dying as yet, but to indeed get my affairs more in line with keeping my wife safe after I’m gone. To some this may sound morbid, but in actuality we must all face that inevitability with a sober mind.

So, now I’m back home and feeling well. My body is not in distress and everything is in order. I believe God’s conversation with me and I look forward to having more to do and time to do it. I never consider taking my own life. That is not in question. I’ve always been an analyst by nature and put things in order so that I may understand what is happening.

I suppose the whole thing I’m getting at here is to say that all the drama that can be contrived needs to be settled. We don’t need to have aught with anyone. We need to forgive everyone. Make everything right with God every day. It is good to examine ourselves to see where we stand, but we need not dwell on it obsessively. In all reality we should be asking our Father what we can do in this world to make it better. How do we show the world who He is? We need to concentrate of putting on the mind of Christ in this earth and letting it become our conversation.

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God’s Counsel

A quick note before I sign off for the day. In the world, it’s been a day for all to stop and give thought to a baby that was born. This baby grew up to be a man that was eventually despised and killed upon a cross.

Right now at this time, He is resting at the right hand of the Father awaiting His return to deal with humanity. He’s not just a baby anymore. He had to come in the form of human flesh and endure the hardships and temptations as well as the enjoyment that we encounter in our lives. I bow to his rule as I learn more about the workings of God.

As I’ve gotten older I have had revealed to me (as well as my wife) the purpose of God in the overarching path that God is taking us. Just this week I’ve learned much about the Nephilim (known better as the giants) of the Bible. I’ve gotten some understanding about the others mentioned in scripture.

 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. . . Gen 1:26

The “us” in the verse goes to a broader explanation. Michael Heiser explains.

“It’s like me going int a room of friends and saying, “Hey, let’s go get some pizza!” I’m the one speaking. A group is hearing what I say. Similarly, God comes to the divine council with an exciting announcement: “Let’s create humankind!”

But if God is speaking to his divine council here, does that suggest that humankind was created by more than one elohim? Was the creation of humankind a group project? Not at all. Back to my pizza illustration: If I am the one paying for the pizza–making the plan happen after announcing it–then I retain both the inspiration and the initiative for the entire project. That’s how Genesis 1:26 works.”

Elohim is not a singular name for God, but a term for a type of god-like beings. This can be further found to be those in God’s counsel. This has opened up a new understanding of God. The one and only true God over all things.

Oh, here I go on a rabbit trail again. I’ve perked someone’s interest, so all I can say is to search for yourself. I once had a new paradymn thrown at me and I spent months researching before I concluded I had been shown principles that run deeper than I’d ever imagined.

So to prolong this conversation I’m going to say that Jesus’ coming to earth and dying for us to end all other sacrifice was a part of a plan to make God’s promise or Word not come back void. You’ll have to see if I follow through with this thought.

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