What A Strange Day

I find myself with no tasks on my agenda for today except to read a book, watch TV, nap, or as I always do, enjoy my wife’s company.

The Cheap Detective is on presently with Peter Falk. It’s a movie parody of Humphrey Bogart movies. It has an all star cast. It came in third it’s opening week behind Grease and Jaws 2. Funny movie.

Then there’s the book I’m reading. ENLISTED, Navigating Your Prophetic Assignment, by Charlie Howell, III. It’s a very good book. It has to do with recognizing the calling of a Prophet. Not just someone who operates occasionally in the gift of prophesy. It’s an area of teaching I have known for years of being mentored under Dr. Kelley Varner. The difference is nothing in what is said between the two. Only I got practical demonstration under Dr. Varner.

The gift of prophesy being used in a service by someone is to lift up and edify (same thing either way). To operate in the office of a Prophet, however, is to give direction and correction. The office of a Prophet is to give aim to people in the direction they should go or tell them things about themselves that no one else knows.

I was given a word by God to give to someone once and I knew what, when and where about someone and I gave it only to be corrected in front of the congregation. It was to be in the office of a Prophet that this word was to be given. Dr. Varner was gentle with me in doing so, but I have seen him declare the validity of a word given to be not so by another individual around the same time frame. I learned by practical application from these episodes. I sometimes still wonder was I really to be groomed for the office and not the gift. I still see things about people. What’s to say I’m not, although I claim no fame to the office. I do know from more than two or three my younger son is called to the office of a Prophet. I still encourage him to follow that path.

I’ve been given visions even at an early age. God took me up in a vision when I was a young teen while in Church one Sunday. He showed me the people in the church pews. He said to me something that saddened me. He said not all these people sitting there were His. Only a few where truly His. He said to not worry myself. Every church in the world has a mix of those that are not His and those that are. Then I was reminded of the wheat and the tares growing together till the harvest when they would be separated. I was to be the grain to be harvested into keeping. Even now at my old age I still know this to be so. It’s my sureity of my faith. I was saved, I have been being saved and I will be saved in the end.

I’ve encountered men of God more times than I can count, but I’ve also encountered the enemy of our souls first hand more than once. I don’t understand why, but I’m never afraid of the enemy, except to say that I know he’s defeated. I’m like David of old who when confronted by Goliath ran toward him with five smooth stones of which one was loaded. That one met its mark and killed the enemy. The enemy lost his heard that day. Respect for the five-fold ministry has always been in me and David knew even one of those as smooth stones had the ability to end the enemies forward march.

I guess my unusual day does have meaning. I’m old and still have much to say. It’s what keeps me going. I love God. I’m His. He is mine. Wheither I’m here or standing in His presence all is well. I’m eternal because of the sacrifice He made through His Son Jesus. My sin has been removed for all time and I recognized my name was written in the Book of Life over 2000 years ago. I accepted that gift. Today is your day if you have not opened your gift. Today is your day to know for sure you are one of those that He knows personally. Don’t be someone that occupies a pew. Be one that occupies themselves in God.

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How Does God Hear?

This is just a short note for the evening. First off, don’t think I’m ranting. I’m not. I used to listen to rock music way back when I was in my 20’s via a set of headphones. A lot of times it would be at night when all was quite. I got warned the volume was too loud and it would ruin my hearing. Well, it was loud enough for most anyone in the room to make out what I was listening to.

Then I played drums, too. For twenty-five years I played drums in our church worship team. I was in the corner of the room where the sound seem to converge. I had a Peavy column speaker with four ten inch woofers and a horn tweeter laid on its side at a 45 degree angle towards my left ear. After some Sundays I could not hear well till about Tuesday. We played loud and hard. I broke or threw sticks sometimes so that should give you some idea. We had a horn section to my left and a B-3 Hammond cranking up on two Leslie speakers on either side of me as well. Throw in the bassist and a couple of other instruments and you can understand where I’m at in that corner.

Well, fast forward to today. I have moderate hearing loss in my mid-range, both ears and severe loss in the high end range in my left ear. I also have tinnitus that I’ve grown to put out of my thinking most of the time. I now have hearing aides. So. I am well aware of what loud music will do to a person over time.

Now to my point. Our church has a driving music force for a worship team now with a loud sound. The person running the board has to turn down the sound, but we have a floating control board a guy walks around with that turns the sound back up. When I wear my hearing aids I can change the programs in them on four levels by clapping my hand to my ear. It’s the percusive action to my ear that changes the program from the clapping. To say how loud the music is in the service when I walk in and stand for a minute or two there is enough percussion in the air to change my hearing aids program just from the sound being so loud. So I can’t wear my hearing aids in the service. I’ve seen people leave because it was too loud.

MX-R - PDP Pacific Drums and Percussion MX-R - Audiofanzine

There is something all musician’s understand I think. It’s called dynamics. It’s the building of sound to certain levels according to the mood of the music. That is not understood by young inexperienced musicians. I can’t blame them. I was the same way. Why do you think I have to wear hearing aids? So it’s not a rant or condemnation. It’s a simple statement of fact. I still love loud music, but I also understand the nature of God.

So, how does God hear? I’m not going to belabor this, so I will simply say. God is not deaf, nor does He have any level of hearing problem. He can hear in the loud music or in the soft music. People are directed in worship by the level of the music. When we celebrate, then loud music is appropriate. However, when there’s an altar call or worship sets in the dynamics of music should follow to the softer side to settle people’s minds to listen and hear the Spirit speak. We need to be more decerning in God’s desires for the moment.

God can hear in the loud and the soft, but just how does God hear? He hears the heart. Volume has nothing to do with how or what He hears. He hears your heart. What does your heart say?

Luke 6:45A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.

Once again it’s not how loud, or soft for that matter, that you speak. It’s what your heart speaks. God hears that before it ever gets out of your mouth. Or through the skill of a musician’s hand or voice in music.

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Say It With Unction

I’ve said it as a rule. I don’t like to write unless there is some sort of inward motivation to write something. So, here I sit for a moment with nothing in particular to say, yet deep down I find there is something particular to say. Kind of an oxymoronic moment so to speak.

When you have Christ living inside you He can be quiet sometimes. I figure that’s the reason I feel I have nothing to say. But we must remember something for these types of times.

I Timothy 1:6 Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands.

I’m more after the “stir up” the gift part here. The Greek word translated “stir up” denotes the kindling of a fire, as by bellows.

Anyone who has ever tended a campfire knows that stirring up the glowing embers of a dying fire can cause those embers to flame up again and burn more brightly. Timothy was to see to it that his spiritual gift did not grow cold through disuse; he was to “stir it up” and keep the fire going.

I see in this type of stirring the creation of a heated fire that can bring metal to a melting point so it can be further shaped by someone like a blacksmith forming a horseshoe.

In our lives when we feel least like we have something to say we need to stop all else and begin to stir ourselves. I know there is something deep down inside of me that is glowing, yet in need of the bellows to be applied to cause a flame to come up from the embers of a simmering fire. Yes, even embers bring heat, but when the wind of the Spirit is blown upon the gift inside of us the embers allow the rising up of a flame.

Jesus died for us. I had no particular reason to say that, but it fans a flame inside of me to remind me freshly that my eternal being is entirely based on that one foundational truth. He died for you and me. It comes to life when you say it.

If there is no particular unction that you feel, just stop a moment and let the wind of His spirit stir you up and you will feel that something to say. God, I love you. You’re my everything. My all.

There. . . I have now gotten unction to say something. Don’t you feel it?

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Proper Perspective

I’m winding up another week as we all are. We’ve all encountered circumstances of one nature or another. It has been a trial to some and not so much to others. The point of it all is this. If negativity has invaded your space did you turn it from a circumstance to a challenge? My perspective is when circumstances come to bring me down I take them as a challenge to defeat. How do you view yours? Take the following circumstance that I had mid-week.

I was in a meeting Wednesday evening and from the very start, I felt I was being distracted (attacked to be honest, by the enemy of my soul). My new computer tried to give me problems. But we got through the meeting and I could say I was overwhelmed, but I took that bull by the horns and turned it into my challenge of the week.

The next day I talked to God about it and He told me what to do. The results are I have gotten a letter done to send to my Chaplains and created a large email group of twenty-three and it’s been sent out for a response to test it to make sure it is getting to all of them. I’ve already gotten a response from some. I still have two more lists to complete and one more email group, but I know where I’m heading. God called me to this ministry I’m tackling at present and I’m still on this riding it to the end.

For a year coming up now since God spoke to me to become a certified Chaplain under the American Chaplain’s Association, I have found each step brought a clearer vision of what I’m called to do. I hear people saying all the time that they don’t know what their calling is or they don’t know what they are supposed to be doing. I don’t fault them for saying that, but my first question would be are you moving?

Let’s take a car as an analogy here. If you have a car and it sits in the driveway and you never take the key out to it, start it, and drive it out on the road how are you going to get somewhere? My wife asked me way back at the beginning of her endeavor to know God as to how I knew God talked to me. I kind of take it for granted I suppose since I’ve held conversations with God since I was a very young man. You’re going to laugh perhaps, but my first question to her was did she pray. She said yes. Then comes the kicker. I asked did she stop at some point and listen. She looked a bit stumped at that question.

I then kicked into teaching mode. When you converse with God it can’t be a one-way communication. At some point, you have to stop talking and listen. So, I told her when she prayed if she would find time to be quiet she would hear Him speak. Well, not too long after she came back to me and said she heard God say something, but it was only one word essentially. He told her to look for the key. Then she asks me what the key is. I told her that was her quest. Not mine. I told her to search for the key to look for. God didn’t tell me to look for the key. He told her to look for the key.

Not long after we attended a memorial service for a mutual friend of ours from our younger days back home. The minister got up to do his usual conveyance of condolences to the family and tie it to scripture as we all know too well. But in his speech, he said “Jesus is the key”. My wife’s face was instantly lit up as she turned to me and said “JESUS is the key”! She had found the key. To fast forward this, she now holds her own conversations with God daily and sometimes He tells her to go tell someone something they need to hear from someone else as a witness of what is transpiring in their own heart. She has become very sensitive to God’s voice. That’s one of a thousand reasons why I love this woman. She is dogged to learn more all the time. She never gives up on anything.

She also knows very well the principle of turning circumstances into challenges. If you want to know what your calling is, you need to put the key in, turn it and then put the car in gear and get moving. Once you start moving you will find God will take the wheel. God doesn’t want to be the co-pilot. He wants to be the pilot. But you have to be moving. If you are questioning what your calling must be, ask yourself first if you are moving or not, and if you are not, get your pat and charlie on. Some of you will understand that phrase. We use to say that when we had to walk because we couldn’t get a ride.

I share my life’s story to give you hope. Not to polish my reputation. I don’t have the itch to preach. I just have a desire to spread to you what God can do for you in like fashion as I have found by doing.

Stop standing still. It’s time to move. Review your perspectives and regroup if necessary. But most of all move. God can direct movement, but if you continue to stand still He can’t. Your calling depends on motion. Another avenue to explore then will be will then open for you to explore.

I moved with the ministry I was under for thirty years that had a budget of over half-million dollars a year. Their ministry grew because they moved forward constantly. Then it became my turn to step up. Now at seventy-one, I find myself ordained as a minister of the Gospel and a nationally certified Chaplain in charge of close to fifty Chaplains with over 300 more in the wings to indoctrinate into the field God has called me to for Disaster Relief. Folks call it what you want about me, but I plan on in the next two years to see the ministry I’m servant to grow to the second largest disaster response ministry only to Samaritan’s Purse.

And with all that, I count is all dung if I don’t follow His will in all of it. After all, it’s God’s Kingdom appearing in what He’s called us to. Never put yourself on a pedestal. You’ll fall off. Walk softly with what you’re called to. I say what I say because it amazes me what He can do when you set your perspectives straight and follow God’s voice. We become His vessels of dispensing His life and will in this earth before men. Don’t ever make yourself the focal point of all that goes on. But count yourself privileged to be the carrier of the importance of the dispensation of His will in the earth. That, my friend, is the proper perspective.

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Yesterday in church I sat to the side throughout the service listening to Pastor preach his message. He typically has a monthly theme. This month is “REAP”. It’s a time for harvest.

He’s been reading the book I’m writing up to this point. My book titled “Suicide – Satan’s Killing Field”, is yet to be published.

I’ve determined that the killing field is this world (Satan’s particular order and arrangement of governments). The earth is the Lord’s and its governments in spite of Satan’s demented theme to kill and destroy.

I referenced the Cambodian Kymer Rouge extermination of millions of its citizens in Cambodia as an example of what Satan has perpetrated in this earthly realm. These killings don’t get as much publicity as the Holocaust of Jews in Germany during WWII. Folks, this earthly realm is Satan’s killing field. This very realm in which we live. Do you still not feel the brunt of this? Idi Amin was the dictator of Uganda for several years in the ’70s and was known to violate all human rights by executing those who opposed him. It may be a smaller scale, but sum up all the despotic rulers of this world under Satan’s control and you see the killing field gets larger and larger.

My book describes leprosy as sin. Moses, Miriam, and others experienced leprosy because of their unbelief. Leprosy was also told about in the New Testament in which one instance had Jesus taking a meal with a known leper.

Leprosy is noted by its whiteness. I’m not referencing it. Go find it for your own study.

John 4:35 – Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are WHITE already to harvest.

Jesus came to provide a way through the world’s corruption by virtue of His death, burial, and resurrection. The harvest He speaks of is this world that is white with sin. It has been so since eons ago. His resurrection brought about the new birth of our spirit to combat the effects of sin.

Sin has taken enough of the people of this earth. It’s time to put a stop to it as sin has come to its fullness and we are responsible to go into the field and harvest. We are required by scripture to go and make disciples.

Once the harvest is brought in the whiteness of sin is taken away it is then replaced with the whiteness of righteousness. Know the difference.

Are you making disciples?

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2022. For us baby boomers still around I find it amazing and blessed to still be alive and well on planet earth. Many of us are still strong. . .at least mentally. Physical strength isn’t a solid requirement to work smart at our age.

I thank God for life even more abundant than any of my family before me ever had. It’s kinda funny I’m being told I am experiencing physical issues only people that reach my age get to know about. Cataracts, hearing aids, taking Flomax (ha!), balding. Uh no. I’ve been bald since I was in my late 20’s. Scratch that last one.

However, God has been extremely good to me. That I cannot deny. I speak the same for each of you that reads this for the coming year. We will have a lot on our plate in 2022 from our disgraceful government. But God is in control even over that. So we’re good no matter what.

You become what you make of it. I am not going to complain. I’m after still building my relationship with God as He leads me into my calling and seeing all the accomplishments that will happen as I walk closer with Him.

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2021 Retrospect

As this year winds down I’ve found that in spite of the world’s condition I have thrived. I have thrived

for one reason. That reason is God. This year started with school again by God’s speaking to me to do so.

Certification as a Chaplain after being ordained for now coming up three years this coming February and certified in Suicide Awareness & Prevention. I want to thank my pastor Timothy Cavanaugh for recognizing the calling on me. I want to thank Terry Norris as well for taking me on to help with a new thrust into putting Chaplains all over the United States to respond to disasters.

I’ve asked God why so late in life and all He said is I’m not done yet. I don’t question that. I’ve started writing a book called “Suicide – Satan’s Killing Ground”. It isn’t done yet even though if I wrote nothing else in it, I could call it completed.

Political and governmental issues can’t stop God. We, you and I, as Christians need to start finding our place. We need to start acting on what our hearts tell us. I said this to say that we all have the right to become what God calls us to do and first of all become. Libby will also be ordained into the ministry this coming February. In spite of the events of the past I can honestly say I am where God wants me.

How about you?

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Christmas Eve Thoughts

Christmas Eve. Another year almost gone. I think how excited I used to get as a young child, then teen and my early 20’s. While in Germany I found myself questioning the value of holidays in 1971. I had just turned 21 and I found Christmas to not be any different than any other day.

50 Best Christmas Quotes of all time - Part 2 - The Vienna ...

Yes. Without the birth of our Savior we would not have had the blood offering He gave during Passover. Just as the Jewish people put the blood of lambs over their doors in Egypt and were saved by doing so, we must bring to life inside ourselves that the blood of Jesus was spread over us to forever forgive us of the sin nature left as our inheritance of the first Adam’s fall.

I’m encouraged afresh every day by His birth. Not just one day. I’m encouraged that He gave His life for you and me every day, not just one day. I esteem no one day above another as we should wake up every day with the same feelings. As we get older we realize the mortality of this body we use to carry us hither and fro on the planetary terrain. The knowledge of salvation becomes more astutely aware as age stacks up against us. To walk this earth is a challenge against circumstances to improve us, not hinder us, but it also sharpens our sword to battle our enemies.

One day we shall put off this body for an eternal body. Mature yourselves through the trials and it will be to your advantage in the next life. Yes, Jesus was born, yet He was born to die for us. He’s not just a baby anymore.

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Wanting More of God

I had a hard start yesterday morning before church. My sister-in-law had early duties at church and

I want more of you god | Yes and amen, God, My pictures

while there she called and said her car was in the parking lot with a flat. So I proceeded to the church and took the tire off and went to the Walmart that is close by and had a new tire put on because the flat was unrepairable. Then I took it to the house and left the tire. I had put the donut tire on her car to get her home after the service where I would make the change. This tired me out since my 71-year-old body can’t keep up with my mind. It makes me tired and I’ve learned over time to shut down unnecessary functions in my body afterward, but it also seems to slow my mind a bit too.

I made it to church almost forty minutes late, but that didn’t matter. It was like walking into a spiritual fog. God was moving in the service and I knew there would once again for a second week in a row be no preaching. It was just one altar call after another of people coming forward from the voice of God convicting their hearts. Even when Pastor thought it was time to quit he couldn’t and handed the mic to the Associate Pastor to close, but that didn’t happen either. This was about thirty or more minutes past our usual release time. When the Associate Pastor stood up from his keyboards he walked around and then said he could not stop the service yet. He felt there was more. And so it was.

Another round of people came forward under the power of God and He worked in the lives of these as well. We were still there an hour after our normal release time from church. It was a reverential time with God.

I did not feel the need to go to the altar, yet my almost emotionless soul from the morning tire jaunt had not taken away one single sentence that came to me. “I want more of God” came through me as I sat to the side. Seems since getting older and more mature in God I can lock on to the Spirit’s moving and feel most at home there. No altar call can fulfill that lock more than just that very fact. I suppose shutting down the worldly effects around me leaves me more openly tuned to the spiritual realm. I don’t know how to explain it. I’m sure this leaves me open to someone wondering if I’m okay or not, but that to me is okay as well.

God doesn’t cause people to react the same way in every circumstance. Some will indeed become emotional because of His touch, some may not become emotional at all. And that leaves a broad range between to note. I can sit stoically on the outside, yet inside I’m turning over and over one thing after another.

You see, when I reach a point of total contentment with where I am with God I have no need for emotion. It is more like I can just sit and bask quietly in His presence and even smile within myself as I watch God work around me in others. Oh, I have had my time of many tears as I laid upon the altar or as I remember once during a music service I laid behind my drums on the floor and just cried under the move of God so much so I could not get up. So there you go. I’m not totally emotionless. At least I wasn’t back then.

One thing I learned a long time ago after being on a little bit of help from my pharmacology friend sertraline was that the move of the spirit is not contingent on emotions. I learned during this time I can “feel” God without being emotional. This is strange to some of you, but it’s never-the-less true. But on another note, I stopped taking the drug after a time because I wanted to feel my emotions again. I am back to my unadulterated me. I can feel emotions, but they are not necessary to know when God moves.

But yesterday, emotions or not, I felt the need for more of God. Early in my walk, I had an encounter with God where I concluded I could not live another day without His presence in my life. He tested me in this and when it was all said and done, I knew I would not have to live without Him. That laid the foundation to where I am today. I know He’s there, emotions or not.

But still. . . I want more of Him

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End of Day Thought

It’s just before bedtime and I sit here thinking back over today’s church service. It started out like usual. Then towards the end of the music part of the service, it was apparent God took a tighter hand on the reigns of what was going to be the rest of the service.

His Spirit moved upon the crowd and was causing several to cry out under the Holy Spirit. Several came forward, but some were so overcome they could not get out of their seats. I went to one, then another. I ended up at the platform in front of a young man rededicating his life to God.

To be honest, I was not feeling anything in particular as usual, but when God began to move so did I. I saw many touched by God in a short time.

Then I saw my wife go to the pastor and whisper in his ear. Then while I was praying with the young man rededicating his life, my wife whispered in my ear she was going to share something when things calmed down.

Then the calm came my wife stood with a microphone in hand and confessed something we neither thought needed to be made known in a public gathering. Our lives together began under circumstances that ended both our prior marriages. We did what was already in our hearts all the wrong way for the wrong reasons at the time, but thanks be to God He saw our true hearts and kept us together to this day. That has been twelve years. Even my psychologist back then told me she would be only my “shiny new toy”. God foresaw the way we were to go and directed us gently until even this day where we are a respected couple, I as an ordained Chaplain and she is just months from her full ordination as a minister of the Word of God as well.

Out of the murky waters of adultery came a calling of God as He saw fit to put us together to fulfill a calling upon both of us as only He can do. We have carried in our hearts the desire to become one in Him and Him alone. His hand has shaped us into one.

I love my wife dearly, no matter what past circumstances may have gone before us. We are one in God. We left the service together with a clean slate.

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