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Time? It Makes You Think. . .

I sometimes deal with thoughts that don’t have simple answers. Many years ago I thought about space. Space outside of this atmospheric ball we live on. The thought of the infinity of space boggled my mind. There’s no end to … Continue reading

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My Freedom

Watching the leaves in the trees As they come falling down Turning from green to brown Every moment now I must seize. Life holds so much more today Than any point in life Lot’s to do past midlife Allow me … Continue reading

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In Spite of It All

I’m not sure about the future. It is safe to say that the government has become so contentious that “We, The People” have become mere pawns in political games. All this going on leaves me with no foundation on which … Continue reading

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A Reason to Live

How is it that turmoil reigned in my life in my fifties? How is it that church, marriage and life in general became so engulfed in the flames of a horrid force that drove me near the brink of losing … Continue reading

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