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Just Know

Just know that God is God The answer to all questions great and small It is truly not odd He knows before you ask questions few or all I have one thing to impress this evening. Know that God is. … Continue reading

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I Remember The Day

I remember the day When my wife would say How do you hear from God? That seems so odd. I said prayer is talking. Meditation is to listen Conversation starts forming It’s a two way street. Talk, then listen. He … Continue reading

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After the storm I sit With great peace and calm, Knowing all is well. In my heart there is a song One of thanksgiving In what I’ve known, all along. God’s hand is still there My heart is at peace … Continue reading

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The Mind and Its Dreams

Yesterday a simple thought came to mind.  I have dreams sometimes that leave me wondering in thought.  I had another one last night of a driver of a car in front of me totally losing control running across the road, … Continue reading

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My Freedom

Watching the leaves in the trees As they come falling down Turning from green to brown Every moment now I must seize. Life holds so much more today Than any point in life Lot’s to do past midlife Allow me … Continue reading

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Thirty Steps

Thirty steps Out the back door Down the path That little building Wasn’t called a bath We had a one holer You can count Grandma had a two holer You do the math Grandma’s path Lined with pecan trees Was … Continue reading

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New Love, True Love

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Love lost Love gained Now nothing is the same. Never planned Wasn’t looking My head was in the sand. Dying slowly An old man Was my life’s plan. Head turned She appeared Now she’s my dear. Now wondering Love before Never … Continue reading

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Misspent Youth

Time tells all On young or old, Short or tall Of what we bought or sold Thoughts are fraught With things we buy into. And what we bought Are the things we do. Sometimes those things We will have to sell … Continue reading

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What?! A Random Poem??

Feeling the need today to be silly.  I can be grumpy tomorrow. If the fly who flew Through the pile of poo Would only wipe his feet Before he lands on my beet It might not be so bad. If … Continue reading

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Dusty Country Roads

Dusty country roads Run for miles and miles When I was growing up I was all smiles When I saw the rooster tail Of dust plume up behind. I dreamt it hid us From a chasing car Blinding them from … Continue reading

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