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Stepping Back a Bit

Sometimes it pays to step back from the rush that can happen when we get busy. Several years ago I crashed from “doing” instead of “being”. I’ve found myself approaching that edge over the last few weeks and it begs … Continue reading

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She Went on a New Journey

Some days I write from my head. Some days I write from my heart. Today, I write from my heart. I am sad today. Not for myself, but from a loss. I reconnected with many of my friends and family … Continue reading

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Suicide – Satan’s Killing Field

The book I wrote is now available on Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Walmart Books Online. If you would like a copy just type in the book title or James L Rowe. If you have dealt with suicidal thoughts or … Continue reading

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I’m in a unique situation where I have family, but they are all cousins in the majority. I have only one brother left of four. My parents and all my aunts and uncles are gone. Being almost 72 years old … Continue reading

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Not Just Another Day

How many times have you heard the phrase “Just another day”? The connotation of that is to say all the days leading up to this day are all the same and it’s just another one of those days like any … Continue reading

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