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Christian Bible Study

Being a long-time student of the Bible I have to be vigilant still since I question all things. The KJV is foundational to me only because the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance is keyed to it. I use it as a base … Continue reading

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What Qualifies a Ministry

This may be a short post. But we shall see. My wife asked me a question this afternoon as to what qualifies someone to be called by a ministerial name. First I have to refer to Eph 4:11-12 And he … Continue reading

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The Thread of Relationship

These last few weeks I’ve discovered something new. Don’t ever say you have arrived with the end of knowledge. That’s like saying you’ve finally seen everything to the end of the internet. I’ve been constantly evolving in knowledge of what … Continue reading

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I Feel. . .

I feel. . .well, how do I feel? I had a friend said once “with my fingas”. Okay, that was an attempt at humor. However, just how do I feel? Lot’s of people in this world are suffering. Shamefully I … Continue reading

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