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Praise and Worship Services

I recently saw a post about modern day praise and worship services among a lot of churches from small to mega size. Most of what I read was somewhat harsh about the so called the night club style of them. … Continue reading

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It’s a simple solution to the world. How it came about is a difficult thing. Jesus, the Son of God, had to die. To die a most horrible death. The physical aspects are incomprehensible. Torn to shreds by a cat … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning

I feel torn this morning. My wife and I have become involved in a church we dearly love. The website I developed for it is here. It’s still under construction, so if you visit there you’ll find it incomplete. … Continue reading

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OCD Leaves Me In A Flux

Lately it’s been sort of a “what to do” phase. Being pretty much organized with everything in its place and a place for everything it’s kind of difficult to do when you have other people in your house who have … Continue reading

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As the off-spring of a Preacher’s Kid (PK) I have that inside view of the family of religious upbringing. My mom was one of seven girls and two boys. One of the boys was killed in an accident before ten … Continue reading

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