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God’s Counsel

A quick note before I sign off for the day. In the world, it’s been a day for all to stop and give thought to a baby that was born. This baby grew up to be a man that was … Continue reading

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As the year draws to a close I find myself sitting alone at four twenty in the morning wondering what became of this year. It has slipped by in such a manner that bewilders my senses So much has transpired. … Continue reading

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The Mind of Christ – Infinite vs Finite

I have begun a paradymn shift. It is unusual to say the least to think a new way from all one has learned all their lives to be true to them at that time. Believing God created everything and everything … Continue reading

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Keep Going

God has opened so many doors in the last twelve to thirteen years I’m amazed. Before that time I was seemingly on a constant downhill slide. That slide culimated in a crash for me whole life. It came to a … Continue reading

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The Question of Cheating

The question arose by a friend asking which was worse. Was emotional involvement or having physical sex worse when it comes to cheating? Emotions and hormones start the process. The act is the culmination of the thoughts being processed to … Continue reading

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