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Quirky? Who’s Quirky? Is That a Mouse?

Something has triggered my thoughts again today.  So here goes. I’m going to go back a few years to start.  I was talking with my brother Mike one evening and I thought during that conversation that it would be a … Continue reading

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Thirty Steps

Thirty steps Out the back door Down the path That little building Wasn’t called a bath We had a one holer You can count Grandma had a two holer You do the math Grandma’s path Lined with pecan trees Was … Continue reading

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What?! A Random Poem??

Feeling the need today to be silly.  I can be grumpy tomorrow. If the fly who flew Through the pile of poo Would only wipe his feet Before he lands on my beet It might not be so bad. If … Continue reading

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He Needed Washing

Being teenagers in a gang of country boys could be exciting.  It was nothing like the “gangs” of today.  We did do stuff that got us shot at on one occasion, though.  We like riding motorcycles at two am in … Continue reading

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New Fangle Stuff

I like to work with new fangled stuff like computers and widgets of sorts.  My problem lies with the fact that I’m not really interested in how they work anymore.  I used to be.  In fact I used to be … Continue reading

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Sex and Biscuits

Quite a contrast there in that title, eh?  What would one have to do with the other is a question I’m sure is sprinting around in your head at this moment.  Let me explain. I do at least portend to … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Life always has interesting subjects.  That not only applies to stories, but people who commit themselves to create such stories.  Just one quick one to perk your interest.  I worked contruction work right out of high school.  I had no … Continue reading

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