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Heart On My Sleeve

My wife asked me a couple of days ago why I tell so much about myself on my blog. My answer is simple. There are people in this world who have, are and will be going through things in life … Continue reading

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You Can Call Me Jim, Or You Can Call Me Larry

Just don’t call me late for supper. Over the last few years confusion has arisen among friends and relatives as to my change of the name I’m called by. First, my name is James Larry.  Therein lies the foundation of … Continue reading

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As I’ve reached sixty-five years of age I found some things in life are foolish. One of those things that became foolish to me years ago was trying to make someone realize they were living down a wrong path. I … Continue reading

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Comparisons of Change

There are always going to be changes. Some we know not of, presenting themselves as surprises. Some come as a planned endeavor. Some may even come as a dream come true. Who knows? I can likely present several different kinds … Continue reading

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To Become One

As I sit here listening to Cold Play.  Yes, Cold Play.  I may be old, but I ain’t dead.  I’m also on my diet of chocolate chip cookies and diet Sun Drop at the moment, so bear with me. I’m … Continue reading

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A Note To Facebook Friends

A lot of things going on in my life at the moment, but not so much that I don’t care about those of you who read my posts.  Some of you know what’s going on, some not.  Maybe I can … Continue reading

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New Love, True Love

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Love lost Love gained Now nothing is the same. Never planned Wasn’t looking My head was in the sand. Dying slowly An old man Was my life’s plan. Head turned She appeared Now she’s my dear. Now wondering Love before Never … Continue reading

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