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Change of Priorities

I’m 71 years old now. Priorities are changing. I used to feel more comfortable watching TV or something to make things around me different for convenience’s sake. Not so much anymore. I feel more of a leaning towards making my … Continue reading

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Another Milestone

This past Tuesday evening I finished my course for accreditation as a Chaplain. All that is left is getting my certification and ID. It was an 18 week course covering hospital/hospice care, jails and prison ministry, military chaplaincy, critical incident … Continue reading

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Fragility of Old Age

I’m not considerate of the fact that I’m now 61.  It’s just that it keeps incessantly tapping me on the shoulder.  I hate it when it’s impoliteness goes to beyond rude.  I’m left almost daily with being tired way before the … Continue reading

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Growing Old Makes Golden Years?

I remember when I was younger, say my forties and early fifties I sometimes felt old.  Or so I thought.  Turns out it was all a hoax I pulled on myself.  I had so much energy even then I had … Continue reading

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