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Heart On My Sleeve

My wife asked me a couple of days ago why I tell so much about myself on my blog. My answer is simple. There are people in this world who have, are and will be going through things in life … Continue reading

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Quirky? Who’s Quirky? Is That a Mouse?

Something has triggered my thoughts again today.  So here goes. I’m going to go back a few years to start.  I was talking with my brother Mike one evening and I thought during that conversation that it would be a … Continue reading

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Waiting For You

Sift my ashes Through your fingers Let the wind take them away. Of me, this is all that lingers. Let me settle in the grasses That which may. Becoming a part of the earth For the rest of days Body … Continue reading

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Totally Awesome

The way I feel sometimes is totally awesome. Sounds clichéd? Well, maybe, yes. But, still the same, that’s how I feel. Now, why would I say that? It’s not about the absolute pinnacle that I am. HA! Not even close. … Continue reading

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Today I realized something. There was a day when I thought when I died I would not have a single soul come to the funeral. Morbid, eh? I felt like I’d lost my last friend during those dark days. One … Continue reading

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Unconditional Love

Some would say I sinned. Some have said I should pay. Some say I should apologize and show regret for my transgressions. I can’t do that again. Not to anyone person on this earth. I’ve put my transgressions before God … Continue reading

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Comparisons of Change

There are always going to be changes. Some we know not of, presenting themselves as surprises. Some come as a planned endeavor. Some may even come as a dream come true. Who knows? I can likely present several different kinds … Continue reading

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