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Praise and Worship Services

I recently saw a post about modern day praise and worship services among a lot of churches from small to mega size. Most of what I read was somewhat harsh about the so called the night club style of them. … Continue reading

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From the age of 13 I knew I was called to the ministry. I would lie in my bed at night and preach to the dark ceiling in my bedroom before turning over to sleep. I had not even made … Continue reading

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My Story

My wife, Libby, and I went to a concert last Thursday evening.  This song has stuck in my heart.  The song Blessed Assurance chorus is tucked neatly away with it. I hope what I share here can be understood.  I … Continue reading

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So Many Songs

For those of you who know my background through time, you’ll remember me for that period which we were present together in.  My teens were my peers with which I went to school with from grade 1 through 12.  We … Continue reading

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