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An Open Hand

Ahhhh!  I find myself sitting in my living room on the couch for the first time in almost a week with a clear mind.  So much has happened in this past week. A week ago an impending hurricane had everyone … Continue reading

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My Old Bible

I’m told the best way to spot a counterfeit dollar bill is to study the real one.  If anything else doesn’t add up you will readily spot it.  That’s a true test of the false. I knew things about the … Continue reading

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My Story

My wife, Libby, and I went to a concert last Thursday evening.  This song has stuck in my heart.  The song Blessed Assurance chorus is tucked neatly away with it. I hope what I share here can be understood.  I … Continue reading

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A Rainy Monday

What else can be added to a note with this title.  I personally find it a day to reflect a bit.  My eyes opened this morning around six fifteen with the morning light peering in around the window curtains, and … Continue reading

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Lost Possibilities

While watching a documentary called Anne Frank’s Holocaust on the History Channel this morning while sitting wrapped up on the couch one comment cemented itself in my mind.  “The loss of a child is the loss of possibilities”. As many … Continue reading

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Dangling Participle

I’m nowhere near the end, although I know some people who would consider me knocking on death’s door. Continue reading

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No More Dangling the Carrot

As I begin to type this entry, I have yet to determine a title for it.  So, to start I’ll say this writing came from my dream state last evening. I suppose the dream was influenced by last evening’s musician’s … Continue reading

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