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Paradigm Shift

Next week I will be sixty eight years old.  Life has truly been gracious to me even with the struggles that have been salted into it. Lately, I have sensed a change of direction coming.  Doors are slowly closing.  My … Continue reading

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Dangling Participle

I’m nowhere near the end, although I know some people who would consider me knocking on death’s door. Continue reading

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No More Dangling the Carrot

As I begin to type this entry, I have yet to determine a title for it.  So, to start I’ll say this writing came from my dream state last evening. I suppose the dream was influenced by last evening’s musician’s … Continue reading

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The Mind and Its Dreams

Yesterday a simple thought came to mind.  I have dreams sometimes that leave me wondering in thought.  I had another one last night of a driver of a car in front of me totally losing control running across the road, … Continue reading

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