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Been Away for a While

Hey ya’ll. I’ve had a lot more going on that I have ever anticipated. I’m a school bus driver and been on a summer route a bit, but more than anything else, my wife and I were planning a mission … Continue reading

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Just Have Patience

Earlier this week I filed for, I guess you call it, UIB. It’s unemployment benefits for folks out of work during the recovery after Flo. I can understand schools are going to be out for at least another week and … Continue reading

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A Rainy Monday

What else can be added to a note with this title.  I personally find it a day to reflect a bit.  My eyes opened this morning around six fifteen with the morning light peering in around the window curtains, and … Continue reading

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People Will Talk

I’ve seen over the past few years that some of my friends on Facebook vent.  I can’t say how long the rant was pent up, so I don’t know how long their fuse is.  Personally, I don’t vent or rant … Continue reading

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No More Dangling the Carrot

As I begin to type this entry, I have yet to determine a title for it.  So, to start I’ll say this writing came from my dream state last evening. I suppose the dream was influenced by last evening’s musician’s … Continue reading

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To Go or Not To Go, That Is The Question

Today there is snow and ice on the ground. It can be considered a typical February weather event. Still, local folks still don’t seem to have enough of it to gain experience in driving in it nor does our DOT … Continue reading

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Ramblings of an Uncommon Nature

Thursday morning, 30 Oct 2014. Libby is “singing” in the kitchen. I don’t know if “Whoa, oh, oh, oh counts as such, but it is melodic. Running water in the sink helps, I suppose. I have Fiesta to my left … Continue reading

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