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Unconditional Love

Some would say I sinned. Some have said I should pay. Some say I should apologize and show regret for my transgressions. I can’t do that again. Not to anyone person on this earth. I’ve put my transgressions before God … Continue reading

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Comparisons of Change

There are always going to be changes. Some we know not of, presenting themselves as surprises. Some come as a planned endeavor. Some may even come as a dream come true. Who knows? I can likely present several different kinds … Continue reading

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Quiet Sunday

It’s a cool, quiet Sunday.  Except for the pain in my neck and ears, it has been a very enjoyable day, even though I spent most of it in bed with heat on these parts.  I just know I’ll end … Continue reading

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State of the United States

I’m 62 years old.  Let’s just say I’ve been around a few years.  Not as many as some, but a lot more than most.  I grew up in a poor dirt farmer’s family as the oldest son.  We had no … Continue reading

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To Become One

As I sit here listening to Cold Play.  Yes, Cold Play.  I may be old, but I ain’t dead.  I’m also on my diet of chocolate chip cookies and diet Sun Drop at the moment, so bear with me. I’m … Continue reading

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Livin’ With Libby

Libby.  The name evokes mischief.  She lives up to it too.  Her ex told her more times than a plenty “Everything’s not funny, Libby”!  But to her all things are funny.  I can attest to her emotional range, but she … Continue reading

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Fragility of Old Age

I’m not considerate of the fact that I’m now 61.  It’s just that it keeps incessantly tapping me on the shoulder.  I hate it when it’s impoliteness goes to beyond rude.  I’m left almost daily with being tired way before the … Continue reading

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New Love, True Love

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Love lost Love gained Now nothing is the same. Never planned Wasn’t looking My head was in the sand. Dying slowly An old man Was my life’s plan. Head turned She appeared Now she’s my dear. Now wondering Love before Never … Continue reading

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My Soulmate

On a dark and moonless night My soul searched where it might Looking for my soulmate Hoping I’m not too late Age is creeping upon me Like high tide at sea And then there she came Burning like a bright … Continue reading

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